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How We Do It All

2006 Hardware

Olsen 595
Connects to computers parallel port and controls 64 channels, On/Off only.
Each SSR takes the 5V DC signal from the Olsen 595 and switches 110V AC to the lights.

2007 Hardware

PIC based dimming controller, connects to the computers serial port and controls 64 dimmed channels. 
Used with the Renard64 to provide a Zero-Crossing signal need for the dimming to work, and optional RS-232 to RS-485 conversion
Each SSR takes the 5V DC signal from the Renard 64 and switches 110V AC to the lights. These SSR's also work with the Olsen 595.
PIC based dimming controller, connects to the computers serial port and controls 24 dimmed channels, with integrated SSR's. This is a self contained dimming controller.

2010 Additions

Ren48LSD   Similar to the Renard24, The Renard 48 Light Strip Driver, this 48 channel controller will drive DC devices, primarily the RGB Light Strips
RGB Light Strip   This RGB (Red-Green-Blue) light strip has high intensity LEDs, which can be turned on in varying intensities, giving a full spectrum of colors.

2012 Additions

RGB Pixels   RGB pixels represent the ultimate level of control in computerized lighting displays. Pixels allow the lighting display designer to have the ability to control each individual light element separately, both brightness and color. You are no longer limited to controlling entire strings of lights, instead you have the ability to set each and every LED on each and every string to the specific color and intensity you choose. This allows literally unlimited creativity in display design.
E681 Pixel Controller   Control of up to 16 separate pixel strings or strips
• Control of up to 680 individual pixels (850 on the E682), or more if grouping is enables
• Simplified wiring, each pixel string connector supplies data and power to pixels over a single cable
• Uses industry standard E1.31, multicast DMX over ethernet. Most advanced lighting control software now supports E1.31
• Ethernet connection eliminates need for hardware "dongles" and special data wiring, just plug PC and controller(s) into your LAN
FAST Tubes   Finally Affordable Snowfall Tubes are snowfall tubes containing LEDs simulating falling snow.


Vixen is Do-It-Yourself lighting automation software, v2.5 is the latest version, with v3.0 in progress with new features .
HLS   Hinkle's Lighting Sequencer is the latest in DIY lighting control software, designed with pixels in mind.